“Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book”    Jane Smiley

luilui makes books that originate from a passion that involves all aspects of the book. The way they look, the way they feel, the words inside of them, the way they smell….

luilui has a unique intuitive and physical approach when working with visual communication, design and composition.

luilui has a strong preference for working with material that to many others would be garbage. Paper-residue, canvas miscoloured by time and light, misprints etc.

luilui has a free, open and untraditional work approach in a trade that is usually very tradition-bound.

luilui makes everything by hand, with love.   

luilui offers:



customized books (guestbooks, diarys, etc.)




customized boxes


workshops and events

Louise Midjord (founder of luilui)

The first half of my life was spent in the world of ballet. First as a student of The Royal Danish Ballet School, later as a member of The Royal Danish Ballet. I also worked as a choreographer in many independent projects as well as for The Royal Theatre.

My love for books has a very direct link to my love for dance, music and theatre. It’s a complete escape from reality and it is a highly pleasing aesthetic experience.

So when given the chance at what feels like a new life (a dancers career has a clearly defined end date) there was no doubt that books was going to be part of this new adventure.

I started working at OFFICIN, a combined publishing house, exhibition space and workshop, my responsibility being binding the books. A learning by doing education lasting 2 years.

I founded luilui Books & Binding in August 2016.